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The only point I agree on is the fact that as of now, within the first two months of the iPads release, there is not any CAD software available on it that is worth using.

On the other hand, if time continues to move forward, as it seems to, and things in fact change, as they seem to, and developers flock to the device and OS, as they seem to be doing, because there are millions and millions of these things in users hands, then I fail to see why we can't benefit from even a basic command-line-less Autodesk Inventor-type drawing app to allow you to draw on-screen. Sketching with a fingertip is inaccurate at best. Picking commands off menus and inputing minimal text is how Inventor already works.

Is it quicker, more portable than a laptop? Yes. Does the battery last all day? Yes. Can you stay connected in most places across the country to collaborate in the field? Yes. Does it handle spreadsheets & documents and 3d rendering and... yes. Can you afford to get one for every designer in your office? $500. Do they require a ton of configuration and downstream IT $? No.

It's the perfect platform for a decent portable drawing app.

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