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Thx. very much.
Autodesk didn´t bother to place this information in their help under browser.

Thank you very much this was very helpful. Appreciate the time you took to do this :)

GREAT HELP , 10x ! really 10x

Thank you -have been driven cracked trying to find this - As Selic said, there is nothing in help to explain this! Take the rest of the day off!!

Thanks it was something simple but I can't do it by myself

Very helpful! Thank you! Got stuck with it - couldn't find any reference in "Help".

tanks for help! finaly found it after reading this file and after 2 hours of searching.

Anyone who have seen this problem before.
I'm missing my Origin indicator in my sketch, so im having huge problems in constraining, and can't find any help anywhere

So if you guys have an solution for this, it would be great

thank! likeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Thank you very much..it helped me a lottttt

Thanks it was realy useful

thank you very much

ivé encountered problem in my inventor 2013
the browser is missing but when ive tried to check the browser in View >> Interface>>web browser. still the browser did not display is there any solution you will recommend on this matter...please help tnx

Are you using a dual screen setup? If so, try to adjust your windows settings to be only one screen and see if it shows up.

thanks a lot!

Muy agradecido. Fué de mucha ayuda.

OK, I checked,unchecked and rechecked the box, set my graphics to 1 monitor, and called Harry Potter, No Browser!! It was there and I created a new drawing, then it was gone.., from everything!! browser box was still checked and all that, even rebooted 20 or so times, no browser?? any ideas??

thanks :D

Hi everyone,

I took the browser window and placed it outside inventor on my 2nd screen. I closed the browser (outside inventor) closed the computer (weekend) monday morning the browser window didnt appear no matter what i did in the view tab userinterface, not outside inventor or inside, 1st screen or second. can anyone help me out ?

Same here no browser no matter what I do... Help..



same thing. Did you ever find a solution? I have a student who lost the browser box, and it already is checked in the user interface under view. Can you tell me how to regain it? I appreciate any help. I've tried unchecking it and rechecking it, but it doesn't work.

Thanks Pal such a help!

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