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Unfortuneately, for those of us who live with snap ON fulltime, draw everything on snap and use the cursor to chack alignment of lines, inserts, text, etc., this is a big pain in the tail. Why could Autodesk not give snap three options; snap off, snap on and this new "part time" snap? Although I see the value of the new snap, and have to toggle F9 to select some objects, it does not out weigh the need for full time snap the way I use it and have been using it since 1984 (ACAD 1.8). I have 12 loaded but continue to use 11 because I need the full time snap and cannot function without it. I have complained on several forums and have found many that agree with me but as yet, am not aware of any restoration of the original snap function.

Please give me back my old snap. 2-D instrumentation and electrical drawings are drawn to a snap setting and this does not work well in that environment.

I tend to work with 2-D instrumentation and electrical drawings as well, and know the pain.

If anyone is interested in reverting to AutoCAD's original full time snap mode, try the command SNAPGRIDLEGACY, and set it to 1.

Hope this helps.

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