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My situation is exactly as you describe: Win7 64, Revit2012 64, Office 2010 32. However, after following the instructions, I am still not able to install Office 2010 32 after installing Access 64-bit drivers. After extensive web searches there seems to be mixed reviews on whether this actually works. Is there something I am missing? Any additional insights would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Joe,
your post assumes the user has MS Office 2010 installed. If you are using MS Office 2007 this post doesn't apply, correct?

Yes, this post does assume Office 2010, and any potential solution focused on Office 2007 would be different. Thanks for pointing out that qualification!

@Nathan, are you stating that you are not able to install 32-bit MS Office 2010 either before or after installing the Access 64-bit Drivers? Your statement of "still not able to install Office" makes me want to check for that clarification.

Joe, I tried this approach and the 32-bit version won't install with the 64-bit Access driver onthe system. Any other work arounds avaialble?

@ Sheena,
Are you working with Office 2010 and Windows 7, or some other combination? The only other workaround that I am aware of is to get a 64-bit version of MS Office installed and try working that way.


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