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"Glad" to see i am not the only one with this problem. Just got Revit 2013 installed today and once i was in a project the transparency issue was rather obvious and distracting. I would do the software route but the current project i am designing on is too complex to use the CPU over GPU. I will probably end up using 2012 in the mean time but keep an eye on new driver releases, can't wait to really start using the new features in 2013!

(GPU: Nvidia gtx570 Drivers: 296.10 WHQL)

Hopefully they are updated soon - but have you tried navigating your model in 2013 without hardware acceleration? I've been impressed from time to time with its performance.


I have heard the beta drivers from nVidia solve this problem (300 series). I've also heard that Revit uses about double the video ram in '13 vs '12. Seems pretty buggy - about to try the beta drivers myself to see if the work (I have a gtx 580).

Thanks for the comment, Dan - I'll have to look for beta drivers for my card as well and I'll post back here with the results.


Hi there, just found this fix which worked for me after searching for hours and trying different driver versions:-

"Have you seen Windows or glass material through walls in 3D views?
Uncheck Anti-Aliasing under Graphics Options (you need to re-launch Revit) and check “Show Ambient Shadows” box under Graphic Display Options in the 3D view, it works for me."

I'm using Revit 2013 (build 20120221_2030(x64) ) with the certified driver version (or called 276.42 by Nvidia if I'm correct).

My spec. is:-

Win 7 Pro 64 bit
Nvidia Quadro 400
Intel Core i5-2400 (@3.10)
6GB Memory
Lenovo Thinkcentre system

Hope this helps anyone out there as it was driving me nuts!

11th Hour

Thanks, Carl!

Thanks Carl.
It work, iven with Anti-Aliasing chek.


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