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Try Navisworks Manage 2013. Fail!

Good point anonymous person. It installs and looks fine, but when I try to run Navis on my virtual machine, it doesn't get past the splash screen and the compatibility wizard doesn't help.

I guess that's what Beta is all about?? :\


I found a log that showed a failure with LMU, which appears to be a licensing module. I tried running Navisworks as administrator with no luck and went into options to change some settings (hardware acceleration) with no luck either. I even tried running it in compatibility mode as Windows 7.

I also (I think because it looked like it may have failed towards the end) installed Service Pack 1.

It looks like LMU.exe is the culprit, so I'll keep exploring possibilities and try to install Navman 12.

No, you are WRONG. Revit 2013 doesn't work properly on Windows 8 (CP, RP & RTM 9200). Revit's ribbon bar doesn't refresh. So it's impossible to work. Though the software installs & opens perfectly.

Perhaps it is a difference in builds... I am running Windows 8 Release Preview Build 8400 in a virtual machine and everything in the Revit ribbon is working fine for me.

I too am running RP Build 8400 but I can't get AutoCAD or AutoCAD lt 2013 to operate for more than 1 minute before crashing. Perhaps its a video card thing...

Ribbon crash is fixed with service pack 2 Revit 2013 works fine

JeffB and AdamH @ CTC

Seems like another MS OS that takes about 2 years before it will work with buisinese applications they do it every time Vista never worked correctly.

hi, i know this is off topic, but i noticed that you are using an IO mac, i am planing to get a Macbook pro retina 2.3 I7 8 ram, will Revit architecture work properly on a VR mode or boot camp. we deal with big Revit files 150 mg and above, i read that it will crash and it will run slow on a VR mode, please advise, thx

I'm not personally using a mac, but I can say that you should get better performance through a dual boot system (Windows / IOS) as opposed to running Revit through a virtual machine on the main mac OS.

I just bought a new desktop (with Windows 8) in order to run Revit 2013. Downloaded without any apparent problem but "Edit boundary" and "Finish Edit (the green check mark)" do not appear on ribbon making it impossible to edit a model as I was trying to do. Appears Windows 8 and Revit 2013 are not compatible for now. If anyone has a solution please advise.
Frustrated Windows 8 buyer

Frustrated Windows 8 person - the only thing I can suggest for now is to make sure your video card drivers are updated or to see if you can get Windows 7 installed on the machine instead. Autodesk 2013 products are not officially supported on the Windows 8 platform - the above post was tested on a beta build inside a virtual machine - so there isn't much we can do until Autodesk determines if Windows 8 and 2013 software will be able to live together.

I just bought a laptop with windows 8 os, and i tried installing revit structure 2012 and does'nt allow me to. as you said,it works on you using virtual machine. is it the only way to succesfully installed revit software? will the performance of the computer affected in terms of its speed?etc.
actually one of my reason why I get a new one is to install revit, so im very frustrated right now. please help. thanks in advance.

I am running a MacBook Pro Retina, Parallels 8 and installed the Windows 8 Pro today. I installed AutoCAD Architecture 2013 after editing the installation script so that it would install.

There were some early graphics issues that went away after installing AutoCAD Architecture 2013 SP1.

I increased the Virtual Machine and Graphics Memory and seems seem to be working fine and speed is excellent.

Perhaps one day AutoDesk will wake up, "get it" and create a Native Mac ACAD Architecture Version.

@learning monkey,
Running 2012 software inside a virtual machine on a Windows 8 OS is probably the only somewhat supported method available to you. Autodesk 2012 software is not supported natively in Windows 8 and I do not personally expect that to change since Autodesk has more recent versions of software available. (Translation, IF Autodesk makes a version of its software supported in Windows 8, it will likely be whatever the current version is at that time, not a previous release.)

Running in a VM can sometimes be slower than running in the native OS, but when the options available to you are "running slower" and "not running at all", you don't have many options to choose from.

I cann`t install Revit structure for window 8.How to do?Now I`m so disappointed
for window 8.

@ winmin,
As we mentioned in other replies to this post, we'll need to officially wait until Autodesk provides us with a version of Revit that is certified compatible with Windows 8. You might also try running in a Virtual Machine as "learning monkey" was considering in the comment above yours.


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