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Thank You!
This solved my problem. Why Revit has removed some of AutoCAD's basic sheet view functionality is beyond me.

Your Welcome. The methods of accomplishing something similar in Revit to what we are accustomed to in AutoCAD often proves to be different. As software advances so too must our knowledge and use so that we can benefit from the advanced functionalities.

This almost worked for me except the extension line didn't rotate. When I edited my View Title family the line wasn't in there so I couldn't rotate it. Also I would like to rotate my view on the sheet but not rotate my annotative text. Is there a way to do that without annotating on the sheet itself?

If you look in the second to last paragraph, you need to turn off the extension line provided out of the box. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do to control that line. You can turn it on and off and specify the line weight, but that's about it. If you want an extension line, unfortunately you have to draw your own.

Rotate the Crop window the angle you want and boom, there you go. No need to edit any families.

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