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Will we EVER get the ability to place views on more than one display (without stretching the Revit window)?

Personal comments in a review is very unprofessional. You list the ability to change the background color, then insert you own opinion as to not change the color. I have been waiting for the ability to change this for ever. Not everyone is able or like to work on a white background.

I love Revit but for a major release, that has got to be the most underwhelming list ever.

Jim: Yes, that is a good idea. That suggestion is on the AUGI wishlist. I recommend hopping on there and making it your #1 vote. Maybe get some coworkers to do the same. Autodesk will often review the list and make an effort pick up some items from it. Thanks.

Smitty, that is not comprehensive list of all of the features. For a full list, there was a good writeup in last months AUGIWorld. Check it out.

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