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I work in a high end interior design firm, we work a lot with architects using Revit and we do a lot of commercial work. We are trying to figure out if we should purchase the full version of Revit or can suffice with the LT version. There are some items on this list that we don't really understand, not knowing the program that well. Can someone help us a little with what the following items are: what is point cloud and reality capture? What does this mean: "What you cannot do is control visibility of those models separately from your views"

thanks for all the help

Hello, If you ever have more than one person working on the project you will need the full version. Interior design typically has a lot of casework and other similar items and since there are no in-place modeling tools in LT it is not a good choice. Also if you find any third party Interior design focused apps for Revit, they will not work for the LT version. Often you want to control the way a linked model works and you also cannot do that in LT.

See the following link on Reality Capture:

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