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Too bad the truss function only works on the most rudimentary roof. Really worthless as a tool for practical modeling.

Gary - this is an option you should take to Autodesk.

the more people that do this, the more they would understand how much of a great unknown value they have on their hands. It is, however, currently a free tool for those who need a quick fix for simplistic cases.

A more practical solution for structural engineers right now is VisionRez. It was created by one of the top wood truss manufacturers in the US to service these needs. But this particular add on does come with a fee (unlike this tool from Autodesk). Hope that helps!

Is this available for Revit 2017? Only saw "Timber Framing 2017" on the exchange.

Carlos -

Yes. In 2017, they were still separate downloads on the exchange. The timber framing one is what was shown (but as the 2018 version).

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