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I have some models that are failing to publish. How can I find out which models didn't publish when I try and publish all?

From our technical team:
Start with the Publish log in BIM 360 Doc Mgmt:

If this doesn’t answer it, then we would need more info to better understand workflow, which would likely require a call.

When we include Sheets in the Publish set, and then view them in BIM 360, the view references (Elevation Markers, Section Markers, etc.), are not acting as live hyperlinks. Is this normal, or do I need to update a Publish Setting to get view hyperlinks to work?

From our technical team: The live hyperlinking of Revit models is only supported in the Plans folder. Hyperlinks will only work if the documents they refer too are also included in the publish set saved in Revit. The Hyperlinking feature is automatic for Revit files placed in the files folder, there are no other setting that control this feature. If you are following these guidelines and it’s still not working, you will need to log a case with Autodesk BIM 360 Support.

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