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Thomas Barger

Hi Michelle,
Wonderful presentation. I wanted to offer you a point cloud file with some curved surfaces if you wanted.
Looking forward to the next webinar!

Michelle Rasmussen

Thank you Thomas Barger.

Scott Page

Well done Michelle!
I'm quite pleased to see that Autocad has such a good selection of point cloud tools to offer (better than most other platforms), but a little dismayed by the coarseness of the point cloud, itself, that can be near photo quality if dense enough. Most of my clients request .rcp files for Revit, but most other platforms now have native point cloud import ability, including; Archicad, Vectorworks, and SketchUp. It's useful to see the array of tools and strategies employed for scan data. Your tutorial was excellent.


here's a point cloud that can be imported in AutoCAD:

Duncan Harding

Hi, I have Recap 2016 working with AutoCAD 2014. Do I miss out on the 'extract section' and 'extract lines' functions? I can't see them on the AutoCAD Point Cloud ribbon.

Michelle Rasmussen

Yes, the extract section and extract lines were new features in 2016 if I remember correctly.

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