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Bruce F. Schanz

A few issues;
1.) Screen saver initiates, then when re-activating screen, Civil 3D 2012 fatal errors, which then requires a total reboot.

2.) AutoCAD message center error (debug or close), comes up in the middle of a command.

3.) When exiting Civil 3D then re-opening, the dialog box stating it is seeting up the layer environment runs until you do a cntl-alt-del, then it opens, but none of the commands are active....solution, reboot.

Appreciate any help on these matters

Bruce Schanz

How do you replace fonts Autodesk decided not to include in a new release, i.e. Civil 3D 2013, Stylus BT, which is a standard in our drawings and has been for a few years? When you open up an older drawing Autodesk replaces it with Simplex and screws the spacing and placement up.

Thank you

IMAGINiT Technologies

@Bruce, we not aware of Autodesk reducing any fonts as Stylus BT installed on an instance we checked. Regardless, StylusBT is a true type font which means it can be installed like any other Windows based font. It is not Autodesk dependent. Easiest thing would be to just install it from another machine as we believe it is a glitch somewhere that it is missing.

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