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Thanks!!!!! This has been driving me crazy since I updated.

Mark Kally

I am not sure if I am doing it right. I can see a yellow exclamation mark next to some of my dimensions or leader objects? Why Do I see it?

I have tried to fix it with Command: ANNOMONITOR but still have the same issue. Trying to get a solution for it but not getting it anywhere. Can you please help or advise?

I can upload screenshots too.

Craig Batchelor

Craig Batchelor | IMAGINiT Technologies

The primary reason the Yellow square with the exclamation mark appears is when the dimension disassociates with the object. By selecting the Customization button on the task bar, there is an option to toggle on the Annotation Monitor. If the “+” icon on the task pane is blue, it is on and you will see the exclamation mark, if grey the mark will not display in your drawing.

A best practice would be to Reassociate the dimension with the object by left mouse clicking the exclamation mark and select Reassociate, then select the object to Reassociate the dimension too.

System variables for the ANNOMONITOR

Turns the annotation monitor on or off. When the annotation monitor is on, it flags all non-associative annotations by placing a badge on them.

Value Description
1, 2 Annotation monitor is on.
0, -1 Annotation monitor off.
-2 Annotation monitor is off for all drawings. However, it tracks model documentation edit and update events. If a drawing view changes, the annotation monitor turns on automatically (annomonitor =2). The annomonitor=-2 state is equivalent to the annotation monitor being on for model documentation drawings, while it is off for all other drawings.

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