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Could you just not define the block itself as having a hatch that uses a background colour (e.g. 255,255,255). That way it will wipe out the structure automatically. (Okay, you may need to bring your structures to the front)

Would this solve it?


Sometimes a quicker way to fix the issue is to edit the structure style and click OK (without needing to change anything). This will force C3D to recalculate the masks for all structures using that style.

The drawback is that it will need to be done for each style.

Jeremy Nelson

we do like @NathanBee, but every now and then blocks used in C3D styles somehow get confused with last drawn entity and you have to remind it by block editing the symbol and copying\create new line work and removed previous linework.

We have a -msk layer and set the pen color to not plot in the ctb. We can see the mask on screen, but it wont plot. At one time our Kip plotter wouldn't work with wipeouts and C3D's background masks. It was just blobs of black.

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