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After installing the service pack for 2017, a circle with an "i" inscribed shows up on the leader landing on all of my dynamic station/offset labels. It doesn't show up on new labels created after installing the service pack. Any information on why that happens?


Thanks for the information. You mentioned it was built into R18 so if we experience slowness could be another issue? I know often times I recommend running a purge and audit in order to cleanup drawings and keep things moving. Is there a best practices around keeping drawings at their best performance?

Thanks in advance

Joe Hedrick

Hi Karen, there are multiple reasons that can account for a drawing being slow. The issue the blog post addresses is for drawings that are slow to open. Even if you have 2018, remember that the drawing has to be opened and saved before the drawing will be "fixed". Then if it is opened and saved by an un-patched system, it will revert back to its original behavior. Other common sources for slowness are excessive numbers of xrefs, drawings loaded full of object data, hardware, software/drivers, and network problems/latency.

I'm not sure I've ever seen a "best practices" document but with Civil 3D, drawing organization helps tremendously. Utilize xrefs and data shortcuts as much as possible to keep the drawings a manageable size. Purging definitely helps with this and audit will keep the files clean of corruption.

Joe Hedrick

Good afternoon Eric! My guess is that you have text overrides in those labels. The inscribed "i" is a new feature introduced in 2017 SP1 to alert users visually that the dynamic label text has been overridden. If you have a large number of them that are overtaking your entire drawing, you can turn them off in options.


Hey Joe. Yes, it's very irritating. Where in options can that be turned off? I looked and I can't seem to find it.

Joe Hedrick

Eric, from within Options, go to the AEC Editor tab and uncheck "drafting" from the Solution Tips area on the left hand side. Keep in mind that this will globally turn all tips off.

Karen Snow

Hi Joe,

From my question on 04/26/2018 if we have 2018 on all our machines, I can run the script to open and save the files created on earlier versions, and as long as the files are not opened and saved using an earlier version of Civil they will remain fixed, is this correct?

I presume if and when we go to 2019 we won't encounter any problems with the fixed drawing, or the fix will be maintained.

Thanks in advance.


Joe Hedrick

Hi Karen,
My apologies for my late reply, but I have been on vacation the past 2 weeks. Both assumptions are correct. Once the files are "fixed", they will remain that way unless an unpatched machine opens and saves the file. This behavior should be extended when you migrate to the 2019 version.

Gerry A.

I tried this today, but it said "Failed to copy file

x:\"username"\Civil3D_BatchSaveUtility_V3.0\Civil3D_BatchSaveUtility_V3.0\scripts\clean.lsp" acad folder

and wouldn't run

Do you know how to fix this?

We are on Civil 3D 2018.



Joe Hedrick

Hi Gerry, I have not run into this. It sounds like a permissions issue of some sort to me.

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