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Carlos Santiago

We use Egnyte as our cloud server. It does not allow for worksharing. Would your Enterprise product still permit linking into Revit?

Jay Meszar

While not an expert with Egnyte, I do know that JetStream requires a server where the Jetstream administrator can be installed. With that said, they can setup a drive on their system and as long as they can vpn into their system, they can access the data in JetStream. They would have to have a mapped drive designated as a storage location (for example a G: drive can be set in the Jetstream admin tool as in the image below). Since I am not an expert with Egnyte, if this can be accomplished while connected to their software, then yes it should work. The alternative to this would be for them to publish an LGS file that can be stored in Egnyte and accessed remotely. Please let me know if more information is needed.

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