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Will Merritt

Great write-up, thanks for this I have a couple questions.

1. Is it possible for any work done in CAD to update the actual features and attributes in the connected GDB?

2. I do not have Map 3D but do have AutoCAD Civil 3D 2020, will this process still work?

Bryant Quinney

Thank you for your questions, Will.

To clarify:

1. Yes, as long as the username in use has read/write permissions to the GDB, then attributes edited will propagate back to the source.
2. Yes, as Civil 3D is built on top of the full Map 3D platform, this process can still be used.


Can someone help me?

I have AutoCAD Map 2017 and ArcGIS desktop 10.6.1 installed in the same PC. ArcGIS is using concurrent license (unlimted). However, when I Add ArcGIS connection/ArcSDE enterprise, I got error "No Valid ArcGIS License was found. Thank you!

Bryant Quinney

First, you may want to take a look at the required drivers for the 10.6.1 version of ArcGIS Desktop. Secondly, as it is known that incorrect versions of DLL files required tend to prevent the connection from happening. Finally, per the system requirements from Autodesk (found at, Map 3D 2017 supports ArcGIS versions 10.2 and 10.3 and ArcSDE versions 9.3 (SP1) and 10.2, on the client machine of course.

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