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karen p

THIS IS GREAT. How do I keep the text "centered" between the lines when drawing right to left? The text appears to rotate around the text insert point at lower left, and lands over the line.

Is there a way to set the text insert point?

Thank you.

Bryant Quinney

That is a good question and I believe your issue has a simple resolution. It seems that you are using a text style that has a value hard-coded in the Text Style dialog box. Also, a good practice is to ensure you are using a text style specifically created for linetype usage only. In either case, ensure that the height value is set to 0. I hope that helps.

Lexy B

This is really awesome, but unless my drawing or cad isn't behaving correctly, the text is showing up at the correct orientation in my model space but in a rotated viewport in the paperspace, they are showing up upside down and reverse isn't correcting it. is there a solution to this?

John M

This sorta worked on our setup with the exception of I had to replace the code "U" with an "R". Unfortunately that only works on straight lines and we use these linetypes to define underground utility service lines which meander through our sites. As such they tend to bend and in some cases form U-shapes or near circles for 1 line and the text will still not maintain sheet readability. Any suggestions?

Bryant Quinney

This is the frustrating trade-off to deal with since there is no easy answer for that as of this writing. The settings are relative to the World UCS position/orientation only, not a User or Current UCS. So, even in a rotated viewport (by UCS  Z rotation, or by DVIEW  Twist) the World UCS remains as defined causing the setting of U or R to read the World UCS only.

Bryant Quinney

Unfortunately, the R switch is not good when needing to maintain plan readability in a return direction (see the upper left right-left ‘R’ example). Those situations call for a workaround that warrants breaking up your linework to begin a new segment going left-to-right to maintain text orientation

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