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Is there audio with the video? I'm unable to activate to sound. Great video. Great tips

I am in the process of adding audio to the video. I am putting all 20 tips together into a compilation video that will have audio. Look for it soon, I will make it available to download when ready.

I will translate this to Spanish to publish on, 1st cadcamcae information portal in spanish ,let me know

sure, just let me know what you need from me if anything. I also have 3 other parts to this series and a plethora of other tips in the archive.

thank you , pls check

I do not see any kind of video, am I doing something wrong? I would like to see the 20 tips video.

It is possible that you have streaming video blocked from your IT staff. You can click this link ( to go directly to Vimeo and download the video for free as long as you have a free account with Vimeo.

Update to the Post: Compiled Video with Audio now available:

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