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Excellent post!

I use jpg pictures for preview in the HTML listing of my drawings. I wrote VBA macro to automate exports (jpg, dwf, igs, stp, pdf & back-ups). Here is the example of JPG export to folder "F:\Dwf index\jpg\":

'''''code example

'''in declaration part of UserForm1 (Code)
Public sFileName, strF, drvF As String

'''in sub UserForm_Activate()
sFileName = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument.FullFileName
drvF = "F:\Dwf index\"

''''CheckBox2 is on UserForm1 and indicated JPG export
'' CommandButton1 is the execute button on form
'' here is the example of code relevent to exporting jpg in sub CommandButton1_Click()

If UserForm1.CheckBox2.Value Then
strF = drvF & "jpg\" & sFileName & "_3D.jpg" ThisApplication.ActiveView.height = 340 ThisApplication.ActiveView.Width = 470
Call oCmdManager.PostPrivateEvent(Inventor.PrivateEventTypeEnum.kFileNameEvent, strF)
Call oCmdManager.StartCommand(Inventor.CommandIDEnum.kFileSaveCopyAsCommand)
End If

''''''''''end of code example

Also check out the Labs Plug in of the month for Inventor. Its a screenshot utility to automate the Print Screen method. Just remembers that takes the Navigation Bar, View Cube, and UCS with it. Consider turning off the UCS in the App Options and perhaps running Inventor Clean Screen toggle from the View Tab in the Ribbon.

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