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Great tips using Ctrl, helps a lot. By the way, have anyone figured out how to handle custom I-parts in Vault?? I'm not able to either copy or rename them. And if I rename a folder that contains a Custom Ipart the links get broken... That is a pity because I’d really like to clean or Vault a bit, but I can't because those stupid iparts.. (To day we use content center for custom part.)

Publishing these parts to the Content Center or using iLogic to drive the design are both potential workarounds to having to control the Custom iPart. The other way around it is simple libraries in the Vault (not my preferred method).

Hi Mark, thanks for answering. The custom I-parts are published to content center and we are using them from content center today. Problem is that we have a lot of older parts that is generated from custom I-parts. Some of these should be move or renamed, but I'm not able to do this without breaking a lot of links..

Great blog by the way :)

Hi guys.

Has anyone found a solution to this limitation in Vault 2011 yet? We have just migrated from Vault 2010 and replacing part references is a majour part of our workflow. This functionality is greatly needed by us. Any ideas or workarounds?



Nothing was changed in this regard in Vault 2011. Are you using Custom iPart configurations? Are they not published to Content Center?

Thanks, helped me a lot!!!

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