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Thanks again, Mark.

Could you expand on some of the additional, default parameters shown on the Parameter Mapping window of the Structural Shape Authoring command?

Are these parameters used for the Beam and Column Calculator and/or is this a way to propogate legacy structural data?

The only parameters that are 100% necessary for Frame Generation are marked in yellow. If you know the additional properties you can input them in and then they can be used for Frame Analysis as well as the Beam Deflection and Loading Calculator.

This is cool, but I just want to create the profile to cope beams from the existing content center.

How is the notch profile set up and implemented?


This is unfortunately for new members to the Content Center only. The existing shapes in the default library do not have any Notching profiles on them and would require individual attention otherwise with iFeatures or manual cutting (all of which throws off your G_L parameter for length in BOM reporting). This makes any mods to the original CC items a nightmare to lengthen and then cut away material.

To do it just right you will have to re-add all new members with your notching style in mind. Lot of work, but depending on how you use Inventor and how much you use Frame Gen, it could be a good ROI.


Re, your answer to Tad:

Do you have a method of including various notch profiles for each structural shape, so you can 'pick a notch' at time of placement, so the notch is correct per ANSI structural specs?

For example: Can you make a standard CC structural Channel shape able to have a notch that will conform to any W-beam profile, yet be offset and properly coped to accord w/the ANSI/AISC standards, with angle clip holes for angle clips, and so forth?

Thanx ... Chris

Chris, unfortunately you can only have one notch profile per section to in order to do this it would a very arduous task to create separate families for each type of notch you MAY want on the member. I would recommend adding a new item to the Inventor Ideastation and get some voting and community feedback on this as a possible inclusion to a later release of Inventor.

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