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Well done Mark,

This is a really comprehensive post (And written so quickly to!).

I have included a link to it from my Blog.

Great stuff!

Well done. I really appreciate the time taken to make this. One question though. What were the system specs for the machine that you were using this on? 5 minutes for you can be quite different for someone else. I'd really be interested in knowing those system specs to get an idea of what it would do with our system.


I am using a HP Elitebook 8540w with 6 GB RAM, 1 GB Nvidia Quadro, Win7x64, with a Core i5 processor.

I am on subscription and have 3 licenses of Inventor Ultimate 2012 and 9 of Premium 2012. Do all 12 of my licenses have access to Routed Systems or just the 3 Ultimates?

My engineers use piping with routed systems. Since piping is a Premium feature, will I max out at just 3 licenses or will all 12 engineers be happily working away?

Only your 3 licenses have access to Tube and Pipe functions. The Premium seats do not have Tube and Pipe functionality, but they can still open designs with Tube and Pipe Runs, they just can't do anything with them.

If you are on network licensing you will only pull the required license when it is needed. So in your FlexLM everyone will get Premium first and then Ultimate will be pulled when an AIP command is issued. That user will keep the Ultimate license until he has exited Inventor and then restarted it. If you are on Standalone then you will have to cherry pick your installs.

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