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Is it possible to include work plane(s) when using Demote? Thanks.


Workplanes are a part of the subassembly and/or parts that you are demoting or promoting in the assembly. They are will remain with the objects as the operation occurs. If you need extra workplanes in an part of your assembly, you will have to edit the part and add desired workplanes. You may be confusing this Inventor function with Derive Part where you can specify if workplanes are included.

The discolsure is very accurate.
EVERYTIME I use this command it crashes inventor.

I cannot use thiscommand ever.


You did not mention the Iventor version you are using but in any case, I would seek help with this issue. You can either contact your reseller, Autodesk Subscription help or Imaiginit support at 888-528-4765.

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