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Im just wondering about somethin in the iLogic.

I see in the rule that you have an expression saying that

While iProperties.Mass < TargetMass
Diameter = Diameter + .031
End While

What does the number .031 stands for?

Correct me if i'm wrong.
As im thinking you need an formula that calculates the volume of the part and then multiple it with the density of the material to get the correct mass.

Where is this formula?

Another question;

I see in the paramaters that you have an line that says vParam_Designer. What is this?

As you already have guessed i am pretty new to iLogic. Do you know about any good tutorials or where to begin?

You must excuse my English because I am just an ordinary Norwegian ;-)

Hi Kenneth,

The .031 is the fraction I am increasing/decreasing the diameter. Using this method I am only only going to get close (although very close) to the true Target Mass value.

If you are looking to get an exact match, then a formula involving your equation of volume*density would be the way to go.

That "vParam_Designer" parameter is just something leftover from another experiment and has nothing to do with this exercise. Sorry for the confusion.

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