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Is your automated tool advailable for purchase?

Our Automated tool is available currently as a purchased service, not as a separate software purchase. We have custom Excel macros and proprietary coding we have done to accomplish a complete batch translation. For more information, you can contact your sales rep and reference this post.

What settings do I need to change in the default MDT inport ini file so it will create both the ipt and idw

You shouldn't have to change the ini file to create the drawings and the part, when you perform the translation on the Mechanical Desktop file that has the drawing it it, it will automatically create the part as long as your X-References are valid.

But once you get a configuration you want you can save it from the import wizard.

It converts to an ipt but erros out and says the output type is wrong


Does this service include inventor series 11 Mechanical desktop DWG files? and converting them to acad 2015/acad 2015 mechanical/inventor 2015?

You will have to contact your local sales rep for more details. This post is 3 years old and we may not be offering this service anymore due to the ability of Inventor to now proxy the old MDT files but not convert them. We may still have an option for you on conversion.

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