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Thank you for this. This is huge.
One additional note if I may. This must be done for Revit as well for two reasons.

1. It would be advantageous for designers of large industrial complexes undergoing renovation and retooling to be able to bring the Revit model of planned facilities
directly into Inventor or Plant 3D.

2. On the smaller scale, I am an architect and I want to shrinkwrap and simplify architecture and MEP models to output to STL files for 3D printing.
Beyond traditional architectural modelmaking, I want to be able to showcase things like building systems by printing a multicolor model of all the various systems that go into a building, along with it's structure, which is then enclosed in a lasercut, acrylic building model.
There is currently no economical, clearcut way to do that (pun intended), that I know of, without taking a roundtrip through Sketchup using CADSpan. In my experience, SketchUp is borderline useless for the kinds of enormous polycounts that I see being involved.

Please do not stop at Inventor. Take this to Revit as well. This needs to work both ways.

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