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This is GOLD! Thanks for sharing, do you know of any other supported operators in the value & search fields? Are they just the ones listed in the edit filter dialogue?

The Vault search fields are both Vault standard fields and also Vault properties that you configure. Say you would like to capture a field from your Inventor drawings called Job Location. Log into the Vault as the adminstrator and add a Vault property call Job Location, map it to the pick up the field from the Inventor drawing as it is checked into the Vault. After this, you will find Job Location is listed in the Search field drop down.

John you've misunderstood what I was asking. I understand how system & UDP mapping works in Vault. I was asking if there were any other supported operators... You list OR above, but would AND work etc... I refer to the Edit Filter dialogue because when you setup a custom view filter, if you hit the Edit Filter button at the bottom of the Explorer Grid, it presents you with more Filter options than are available anywhere else.

As it happens I'm going to use this trick in my AU class in a few weeks, for View Filters. I just haven't tested the use of other operators yet.


Sorry I for my misunderstanding, yes the Vault can perform most all the Boolean search statements including "AND". Just be sure to enter the statement in all CAPS.

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