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Nice one John,

Just out of curiosity how do you control the size of the text, how do you adjust it to different size family members?

I am guessing you don't worry about the each model having a unique Part Number; you probably rename the files project specific later.

Hi John,

Nice Article. I guess the same trick would work if you had a Content Centre part which currently contains a single row and you wanted to add more variations by adding multiple bodies with feature suppression in the resultant table?




Your request to change the text size for different size family members is a challenge. I would suspect iLogic could be used but I am sorry to say, that is not in my bag of tricks. You can use the a text box to parametrically control its placement and choose a font size that fits all.


If you add members to the family, they should pick up the same features and parameters from the family part template.

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