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When you import a new version of a component, do the assembly joints adapt to the new version? Or are they lost? Or do they need to be repaired?


Hey Jon, In my experience I have great success with the joints updating just fine. Of course if the geometry changed from a cylinder to a square peg you may need to fix them.



Hi Anthony, this is going to sound like a dumb question, but I do not see how to open an Inventor file in Fusion. When I start a new design from file, Fusion does not recognize Inventor, or Solidworks files, only STEP, IGES, or Fusion files. Do I need to enable something to start a design from an Inventor file? I have upgraded my Fusion to the latest. Thanks,

Hey Bob, great question. On the Data Panel within Fusion 360 simply click the "Upload" button and select your Inventor design.

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