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There is another serious drawback regarding usage of Active Directory accounts in Autodesk Vault:
Even so Autodesk declares that Vault is supporting trusted domains in fact you can't use AD accounts of trusted domain in groups of your home domain (Windows itself supports). For more details see

While I agree that this is a drawback, I don't consider it serious. I have set up many implementations using Active Directory accounts without issue. While i respect your position, I feel that companies of any size will make use of a company domain which works very well with Vault.

Seems I've used wrong word.
The above-mentioned defect is not serious it is CRITICAL for our company.
Our workaround was to create duplicate local user group instead of AD-groups and synchronize them through Vault API. But such forced doubling just can't continue forever.
We are staying on 2014 because upgrade costs quite a few (I even don't mean money) yet we won't get solution for critical defect.
Because Autodesk not fixing this defect we stopped paying for subscription and going to change PDM.

This issue is best addressed through Autodesk support. I believe you started this process, as identified earlier in this thread. If you did not complete that process, I suggest resubmitting it to Autodesk. This can also help Autodesk understand whether this is in fact a defect in the software, so that they can consider it for a future enhancement.

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