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I received two questions:
1) Can or does this replace DWF, Can it be done upon Checkin- Create PDF?
2) Can the Preview tab be configured to use the PDF instead of the DWF?

The vault is designed to now create both the DWF and the PDF. There is no way to replace the DWF functionality in the previewer. That will still look for the linked, hidden DWF file to display. You can select the PDF, especially if it is in the same folder next to the drawing, and display it in the previewer, but the DWF is still what is used when the system is asked to preview the actual drawing file.

To respond to the other part of question 1, Autodesk has designed the PDF creation to only trigger via the lifecycle state transition where the destination state is designated as a 'released' state. Because of this, the out of the box capabilities cannot generate a PDF upon check in. If this is a high necessity for you, contact your IMAGINiT account representative to discuss having our software development group create a custom automation for your vault to handle this task.

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