Creating Points using Excel in CATIA V5 - Rand 3D: Insights from Within

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I´ve been using that macro with a naca airfoil but the splines don´t pass through the points exactly, just use the points approximately. And I´m using 3d accuracy set to 0.01, so it´s not a visualize error. How could I make pass the splines through the points exactly?. Thanks!


It can be a little difficult to trouble shoot without being able to see your exact example, however I think you are on the right track by looking into a Visualization Error. While 3D Accuracy should be set to 0.01. You will also want to check the "Curves' accuracy ratio" and set it to 0.10. This will decrease the sag value for curves even more and should improve the look of the surface to better match the splines. This setting is found right under 3D Accuracy and is controlled with a slider. Start with that and see if it resolves your issues.


Wazir Samsair

Thanks for the tip. Excellent.

Don't have a use for it at this time, but nonetheless it's always good to know there are alternatives.

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