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wow, thanks a lot for this info bro. it helps a lot. more power!

Julie Lund

Thanks for this info- this is just what we needed to do at the start of a new Semester. Now the teachers is asking - will this work for Inventor also??? Thanks

Jeff Lotan

Some of the Autodesk programs have that feature, some do not. I don't have Inventor installed so I couldn't say. If it does, then look in the same place for it.

Best regards,

Jeff Lotan | Solution Center Sr. Technical Support Specialist
IMAGINiT Technologies


Thanks a lot man


If i migrate settings i get one .zip file, and if I use reset to default w backup I get a larger .zip file.. Do you know the difference between the two?

Kind regards Patrik

Kristen L


I'm looking for the setting to TURN OFF the limits around MTEXT that show up when you move the MTEXT. It's kinda annoying!

Thanks for help!

Kristen L

There is a BOX around the MTEXT when I'm moving it. Does anyone know how to turn that OFF???

Jeff Lotan


I'm sorry, no I don't know why there is a difference. Open the .zip files and see what is added/different/new in the larger one.

Jeff Lotan

Jeff Lotan

Hi Kristen,

At the command line enter QTEXT and hit enter.
Set it to OFF
Then enter REGENALL at the command line.

The box should be gone from your text now.

Jeff Lotan

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