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Thank you, great post and nice blog. managed to recover the central file using the method sbrown was mentioning.I find truly amazing the levels of backup Revit offers you when you work with a central file


Well thanks for giving the instruction of How to properly find and recover a central file in Revit..This is really helpful..

WFG Canada

I am glad to read the steps and i am finding it easy to do! thanks a ton!

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This means that any scripts you have for copying a central file to create a local file will not work with Revit Server.

Alfonso Fanjul

Your blog is so simple to understand and implement. your blog can solve problem problems of many people. thank you !

Pepe Fanjul Jr.

This is very easy method of finding and recovering a central file in Revit..its realy very informative blog..


thx you alot man this information has save my life thx alot

end user

OMG Thank you so much for this useful advice.

I managed to recover 8 hours worth of lost work!! Even the IT guy couldn't solve my issue and told me to Google it. And so I stumbled across this blog and am so very greatful.

Saved my life literally!! Thank you so much once again.


You are very welcome!

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