What are those yellow squares with an exclamation point next to dims in Plant 3D 2013? - IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog

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Good job, that's a upsetting tool!!!


Thanks it worked for me.

William James

THANKS A MILLION !!!! This is worse than a check engine light...

Jenu srinivasa rao

Im very suffering with yellow boxes exclamation mark. but I got solution turned off + (plus mark) annotation monitor. thank u autodesk people.


was killing me

Pamela Corston

omg thank you so much!! This made me think my drawing would crash!!




thanks! Autodesk making things more difficult since Version 12....


Thanks! that was really irritating.

M S Drafting

Now this was helpful and did not need contortion of terms or specialised vocabulary to find.

Bob Felton

re: M S D., Thanks for noticing. I appreciate straightforward search terms too, when looking for a topic.

lew james

Thanks, that really helped a lot.

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