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what kind of computer should I have that I can install Autocad 2010

Jeff Lotan

You can find the System Requirements at:

However, I'd look to the future and get something built for 2014. I look at those system requirements as the base MINIMUM to run AutoCAD/Autodesk software programs. The 4 biggest things for speed are CPU, RAM, 32-bit 64-bit (a must) and hard drive speed. If you're saving files on a network drive then that will also have an affect.

Jeff Lotan
IMAGINiT Technologies


I did what you said, but did not work

Jeff Lotan  IMAGINiT Technologies Support Center

If the blog solution did not work, and you verified it is still checked after a reboot. Then you may have some very bad licensing problems. If it's a standalone install then deleting the .Data files (see may resolve it. However by doing so will de-authorize every Autodesk program you have installed and per the license agreement Autodesk may not activate the older programs.


the autoCAD 2014 worked in my windows 8 but after the windows 8.1 update, i got that softlock license error and autocad won't open. i did all the steps mentioned and still did not work. i tried also reinstalling it more than 3 times already. it also tried deleting the .DATA files.. but still did not work.. please help me. i need this for my project study. what should i do??

Jeff Lotan

Hi Babymeo,

I'm sorry that didn't work for you. If you need further assistance, then please contact us at 888-528-4765 for installation help. Also note that AutoCAD 2014 is not supported on Win 8.1 per the link above.

Best regards,

Jeff Lotan

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