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i want to ask something.
when i make 4 revision in autodesk vault, i cannot open the revision 1 on the program.
is there any setting i miss or why ?


Bob Felton

You cannot open the previous versions of a model directly from the Vault. You should check it out and then you can open it from the local copy.

See the Autodesk Discussion thread at the link below for more information.

Can't open old version of file from vault.


We just had an update to vault 2014, coming from 2011 Version.
Is it possible to edit the start screen, shown after starting vault? Everytime we start up, the standard screen is shown and we have to click through the folders.
In Vault 2011 our Standard working Folder was shown after starting.


Bob Felton

Hello Michael, I have confirmed that behavior in my Vault 2014 client as well. I haven't located any means to enable the last viewed folder structure to be returned at the next start up.

But, if you save a shortcut to a file in your preferred folder, then clicking that shortcut at the next start up will return to the last folder view.

Lynn Ellis

with our directory structure, a few files with long names (previously named) will exceed 260 charecters. We check them in, can view them in the vault viewer but cannot check them out. We would spend quite a bit of time renaming all files that need to be archived. Is there a way to extend the filename length beyond the standard limit?

Bob Felton

Hello Lynn, I'm not aware of a means to increase the file character limit in SQL and by extension, Vault.

You may just need to right click each such file and use the rename wizard to shorten the affected filenames.

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