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Matthew Durst

I appreciate your post on this as this is a common question I get when rolling out Vault with AutoCAD. How do we manage our DWF's among all the different sheet sizes so when our Web Client users plot, they are plotting correctly, because you are essentially plotting the DWF and not the DWG. I usually just have them use the option "Use Page Settings in User DWG" and call it a day. However, I was under the assumption that the Setup.DWG controlled the DWF creation when using AutoCAD to check in - not the TrueViewSetup.DWG like you state above. TrueViewSetup.DWG is used for Update and Job Processor in the Vault. Regardless which one is being used, I am completely unable to create a Monochrome DWF without using the option "Use Page Settings in User DWG". If you are interested in helping me out I can setup a web meeting and we can look at this together. I have followed instructions from Cracking the Vault as well -

Bob Felton

Hello Matt, in the tests I ran that produced the screen captures above, I modified the TrueViewSetup.dwg.

Try comparing the "Device and Document Sewttings" and also the layout settings between those in TrueViewSetup.dwg and a sample drawing that produces a monochrome DWF when you select "Use Page Settings in User DWG". There may be a difference that is preventing the monochrome DWF from being created.



Changes did not take effect until I altered the DWFx ePlot(XPS Compatible).pc3 instead of the DWF6 ePlot as described above.

The final file says .dwf, but seems to use the dwfx plotter to get there.

Thanks for the blog. Very helpful.


Following the recommendation doesn't help me.
I tried to change both:
DWFx ePlot.pc3
DWFx ePlot(XPS Compatible).pc3
But I still getting colorish DWG.DWF in the Vault (moreover colors differs much in comparison to DWG itself).
One more thing I've paid attention to - after I set up everything, close TrueViewSetup.dwg and open it again the NONE printer/plotter is chosen by default.
PS: I'm struggling with Autodesk Vault Professional 2014 SR SP1


I am trying to use this method to create monochrome visualizations but am getting hung up.

First, I am on Vault Basic 2015- but seems to me this method should still hold true.

Changes to the DWFx ePlot(XPS Compatible).pc3 or the DWF6 ePlot did not make any difference to the visualization file.

Any possible ideas why this might not work?

Bob Felton

Kyle, make sure you have located, opened and are editing TrueViewSetup.dwg when you are selecting the .pc3 files.

And yes, this will also work for Vault Basic.

Bob Felton

For MaxU77:

Make sure that you are clicking 'Apply to Layout' and then 'Cancel' so that the plot settings are saved without needing to generate a DWF.

Then save and close the TrueViewSetup.dwg.

When you re-open TrueViewSetup.dwg the last settings should show rather than 'None' for printer/plotter.

See the third screen capture from the top of the page here.

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