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Jarod Spurling

So you've point where to go but not what to do. I've set my routing preferences and I'm still asked for pipe and fitting types after every click.

I went to the options and default template, but what does it mean. Do I need to changes something to make it work?


Hello Jarod,
The reason why there is no answer or how to, is because above what I have stated in the blog there are things that companies can do to their files to cause the dialog box to still pop up. Without having each individuals settings, template and drawings there is no way to give a direct answer/fix.

The aecb model dwt file is the one you should use within your AutoCAD MEP. This template will contain the pipe, HVAC and electrical information.

It could also be popping up because of the angle you are trying to use.

From Scott Burke Application Engineer at Imaginit:
"If you use the out of the box standard routing preference and try to put in for example a 60 degree angle it will ask you to pick one as the one you have in the routing preferences you specified doesn't have an angle available in that fitting. 90 and 45 work as they are available. A 60 Degree fitting is considered non-standard and thus not available. You can check use non standard with Options > MEP Layout Rules under Part Selection > click "use non standard for parts".
Depending on how a fitting is designed you can make it so it will use non-standard parts and it will stop asking you for a new one every time. Some parts don’t allow custom fitting and in that case you will have to manually pick it every time."

I would suggest logging into the Autodesk Subscription Center and creating a case directly with Autodesk to get the in-depth questions answered about the fittings.

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