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Edward Winter

Thanks for these tips.
But in other words: If applying these tips will solve the problem, you can't use those turned off features without having a slow or jumpy mouse! Is Autodesk going to do something about it?

Todd Stuart

Normally on a jumpy mouse/graphics we change these settings if the card and driver are not certified by the link we provided. Also it has been caused by the mouse driver. We have tested that by uninstalling current driver and installing a generic Microsoft driver.


I had same problem. When dynamic input was on cursor was jumpy. I removed logitech mouse and keyboard software but left drivers and it worked. Now cursor moves normaly again. Thanks Todd for the tip!


It happens when i have edited a block or inserted/copied in lines blocks etc. to stop it/resolve it temporarily do a quick zoom extents ! simple as that for me.

CAD bloke

I found this worked in AutoCAD 2011: disable the tooltips - ROLLOVERTIPS=0.

Patrick Deschênes

Mr. Ewen Wallace, you are my hero!

Thank you so very much!


Disabling Dynamic Input did the trick!


Disabling rollover tips did it for me. I tried all the other stuff and no luck. Thanks, Ewen!


Thanks you a lot, Mr. Ewen Wallace! It's working(with the specification that you must restart the AutoCAD). Thanks again!

Jason Rossitto

Thank you! Disabling dynamic input worked at first, but when I enabled hardware acceleration I found that working with dynamic input enabled was no longer a problem.

I was glad to discover this because I made sure I specced the system with an Autodesk approved graphics card and apparently I wasn't even using it! I can't imagine why acceleration would be off by default.


Thanks a million, this has been driving me mad! fixed my extension to random points problem and means I can now go back to using DYN Imput for the first time with AutoCAD 2013.

Arch. Redzwanul Huq

thank you man.....
the 3dconfig option solved my prob....
thanks a lot


Since most people that find a solution post their results :)....here's what fixed mine:

press "Manual Tune"
check "Enable Hardware Acceleration"

Chad DeVries

I am running 2010 in a very large company, so this software is installed remotely by IT and I don't have the ability to fix as much as I am accustom to having access to. I tried all of these suggestion, but to no avail; the problem still exists.


I had the same issue with CAD and win xp. Tried all the suggested tips but I only found a solution troubleshooting the issue, running win xp in diagnostic startup.
I found that the application IBU updater service was the responsible of slow cursor.
Uninstalled and problem solved! Good luck

Chales Kunze

My mouse when using AutoCad LT 2014 running on Macbook Pro V10.8.4 in parallel with Win7, becomes too fast to control inside the AutoCad drawing window (Model of paper space), but then slows down to its typical speed on the ribbons or in any other program I use. Is there an AutoCad setting I can change? I looked at the ones talked about in your post but my AutoCad does seem to have the options you discussed.

Joanna Gryszka

The most important thing to check is the graphics driver and turning on 'hardware acceleration' as well.
If you've tried all the other settings in AutoCAD, are you able to try a non-aero theme in Windows or adjust for best performance:


Jason Vergers

I Have the identical speed issue as Charles, using LT2010. Feeling Sea-sick trying to use Autocad.
3dconfig is not an available command in LT2010.
Running from Windows XP.
Have tried turning off hardware acceleration on windows settings with no change.

Joanna Gryszka

Try the OPTIONS command then the System tab. Toggle the 'Enable hardware acceleration...' option.

Kurt Johnson

We've checked all these, no luck - finally performed an old style AutoCAD 10 (not 2010) transplant. Saved a layer state and exported it, then turned on and thawed all layers, wblocked out to a new file all the visible content, and inserted that into a new drawing, imported the layer state and restored it.

It all started working the way it should. Good old corruption that you could not find either in audit or purge.

Pouria .yz

I cant be thankful enough, Disabling "Rollover Tool Tips" really SAVED ME pal.

Andrew H

All this time after the first article and its still helping people out of a bind. Many, many thanks to you. The 'enable hardware acceleration' did the trick !




wow thanks!

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