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my problem of autoCAD APPCRASH are not solved by your post on that site give me new way of this problem.


Depending on what your appcrash is actually pointing to is how you will fix this. The one listed here in my blog is regarding AcCloudManager.exe which is related to the 360 software. Another known appcrash is acad.exe which means its the actual software that has the issue and what you can do is the following;
Uninstall then update the machine. Then reinstall the software.

It is very important that you do not migrate settings, that you have your user account control setting turned to never notify, your antivirus and firewall temporarily disabled while installing.

Follow these thinks to accomplish these tasks:
Uninstall Autodesk software;
What you need to do before installing or reinstalling Autodesk software;
Installing Autodesk software;

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