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Is there a way to save a 2010 dwg file so it works in 2013 format?? Thanks for the info, I am finally starting to grasp this situation.


In standard AutoCAD you should be able to simply open the file and it would convert the file if you save the file it is now 2013 version unless you have it set to save to an earlier version. Doing this all the time back and forth could cause issues such as corruption because we are converting back and forth . Would do best trying to keep it in 1 format and then save back etc as needed. rather than all the time. Some programs such as Civil 3D
2013 cannot go backwards you would have to check the product but the newer versions can. In the cases of the older versions of Civil 3D depending on the data you could use LandXMLout (Export Land XML) and Export the Drawing to AutoCAD to get your data back. However this can be a long process and you may have to recreate somethings.


Is there a way to open a 2010 dwg file on a 2015 version? I have files sent to me from an older version and i cant open them on my 2015 version , i have been trying to search how to do that for hours .


Yes, just open the file into the newer version then when you save in the newer version it will be in that versions format from that point forward.


Can 2014 cad file open in 2011 aufocad??


No take a look at the compatible version list would have to be saved to 2010 version

Versions that have the same DWG format
- 2014,2013 = 2013 version
- 2012,2011,2010 = 2010 Version
- 2009,2008,2007 = 2007 Version

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