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David Baker

Has anyone had trouble getting the correct results in their flatshot? I posted a problem report on my Autodesk Subscription page, but, when I run the flatshot in AutoCAD 2015 all the lines that should show up don't. I did not have this problem in AutoCAD 2014.


seemed to work fine for me perhaps its only in certain situations

Manny R.

Thank you, this is was very helpful! Have a great day.

Andy Henry

When I create the flat shot the view that is created does not match the view I am creating it from. How can I create that 2D object holding the same view?


It is very difficult to troubleshoot something like this without the drawing and seeing what is incorrect. Check the help file and settings within the flatshot command. If you are still unable to get the feature/command to work as you'd like, then we'll need to open a support case to assist. There are a variety of support options available to you. Please contact us at the your local / nearest IMAGINiT office to see how we can best help get this resolved. To see a list of IMAGINiT offices please go to:

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