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Dairobi Paul

Many thanks. I'm sticking with the classic workspace as long as I can.

Nick Pound

Great article.

Marni Kendricks

Very helpful! Thank you so much. I find it much easier to teach first-time users AutoCAD in Classic View. On behalf of my students, thank you for sharing this information.


thanks a lot!!!!


Thanx.....for your really worked for me.....:)

Gabby V.

Hello, great article! only one more question, how can i display: Home, Insert, Annotate, Parametric, View, Tools, etc. on te top of the page?

Jeff Lotan

Hi Gabby V.,

That is a great question, you can enable it in the CUI dialog when you edit the workspace OR enter MENUBAR at the command line, set it to 1 and re-save your workspace. If you did want the ribbon, then enter RIBBON at the command line and re-save the workspace.

Customize away!

Jeff Lotan

Partha Khara

Thanks for your help mate :)


Excellent - I haven't used 2015 yet but I'll be ready to by-pass the terrible ribbon when I do. Thanks! The ribbon is the worst thing they ever did to AutoCAD - cumbersome, bloated and causing so many extra clicks. I don't like the folder view for layer manager or properties either, with the close X on the wrong side and too much margin - takes up far more room the older style boxes. Change for the sake of change, without improvement.

Paul Mc

Completely agree, if something is not broke it doesn't need changing.
Having been an Autocad end user since release 5 I like my menus where they are.
Ribbons don't interest me.
AutoCAD needs to listen to its users and give us what we prefer. my worst fear is the folk at Autodesk remove all the keyboard shortcuts next.


I wouldn't be opposed to ribbons if they were better, but they are not.

Thank you very much for this article. You've saved us all here. I'm sharing with everyone.

Jeff Lotan

I'm glad my blog has been helpful to you all. Thank you for the feedback.


awesome, thanks so much!!


thank you so much sir.....thank you so much...very useful article


i followed same procedure but in the folder list i didnt get draw modify etc.what should i do to get draw modify dim toolbars

Jeff Lotan

You may need to scroll down to the "Partial Menu" section and expand out the AutoCAD (acad) tree to get to those.

Jeff Lotan
IMAGINiT Technologies

Bob Cherny

Colleagues, I struggled with this as well, but I realized that there were only a half dozen commands that I needed that were not readily available. I created a new tool palette with those commands and it sits as the top palette in the palette window. I have three screens so the palette window, layer window, modify window and insert window stay open on my smaller left screen while my work space is on the larger center screen. If I am having difficulty with a drawing, I will extend the work space to the third monitor on the right and open a new view port. I usually continue to work on the center screen, but the additional view port gives me a different vantage point since I generally use a different 3D view there than on the work space.

For those of you who only use a single screen on your laptop I strongly recommend that you plug a spare monitor into the video port and see the increase in speed that having all those windows open gives your ability to work. I have heard that this does slow down the CPU a little, but you, and not the computer are the slowest part of this equation.


Man, I can't believe! That's perfect! Great article!!! Thank you so much!

Jeff Lotan

I'm glad this blog has helped so many.


Thanks for help!


Amazing!!! Thanks a lot....


what if they removed version 2011 we had. do I don't see the classic view in the workspace in the left panne

Jeff Lotan

Hi Nayeem,

If you don't see the Classic workspace, then this is the blog for you. Go through the steps to create the Classic Workspace.

this blog was written for you "To create your own “AutoCAD Classic” Workspace"

Have a great weekend everyone!

Jeff Lotan


thanks a lot. that's great
this blog help me so many.....

Jorge Perez


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