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David Allee

Trying to install AutoCAD LT 2016. All that is available is for 2015 products. Tried to use it. "No files found to patch...."


I am not certain what you are trying to do. If you cannot find your AutoCAD LT 2016 to download from the Autodesk website then you can download it from the Autodesk Virtual Agent here:

Also if you do not see your software you might want to talk to Autodesk direct by starting a support case inside of your account.



I believe David means he is trying to install the hotfix for this issue. There is no hotfix for 2016, just 2015 and 2014. I am getting the same error (establish an internet connection to continue). Is there a hotfix for 2016 that we can use or it is not necessary for this version? None of the other recommended solutions work thus far.


Hello Michelle

There is no hotfix for the 2016 that is correct. There are other whitepapers that Autodesk has on their site with added suggestions to fix this. If you have tried all of these then I suggest contacting Autodesk by signing into your subscription at

additional suggestions to fix this issue;


Has anybody succeeded in getting their 2016 Autodesk program to beat this? I've been trying to find a solution for Revit LT 2016 for weeks. This is a huge bummer!


If your IT has even tried logging into your machine as the local admin and it still gives this error I would start a case with Autodesk at https//

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