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Hi Cherisse,

Just be patient.

The Iray development team will most likely have an updated Iray Material plugin ready for 3ds max 2016 before the end of April, they always do. 3ds Max 2016 was only launched a week ago, give them a chance :-)

Materials will always show as black in the material editor thumb if the material is incompatible or has missing maps with the chosen renderer. Until the new 2016 iray material is ready which is probably only a few days away, 3ds max sees your 2015 iray materials as incompatible, which they are until the new plugin arrives.

I am not sure why the Iray developers never have this ready in time, and why its not included within iray now as standard, but its been that way now for the last five versions of Max.


Thanks, I will tell my customers to keep checking back with iray.

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