Autodesk 2017 installation: 1: 5 2: Error : CreateFile() API failed! 3: 32 - IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog

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Heather Valachovic

Hi! Thank you for this information. I found I did not have to uninstall all Autodesk products to get around this error. This is a good thing, since the system has several versions of Autodesk products installed and configured at this point.

My solution was to stop the services that were running (and make sure they did not restart until I was done): Autodesk Application Manager Service, Autodesk Content Service, and make sure I exited the Autodesk 360 application as well as the Autodesk Desktop App. Once I did that, the installation worked as expected.


I also discovered that complete uninstalls were not necessary. In my case, I had to stop Vipre Antivirus in services. After that, the install proceeded normally.

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